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You don’t need to spend a fortune to buy an apartment 30 metres from the Mediterranean sea – just call into the Eurohorizon office and ask to see the new to market Marino ground floor 1 bedroom property. It is as light, bright and fluffy as an Easter bunny with the added advantage of air con and quaint terrace which leads down to a Bougainvillea strewn passageway ending at the beach. How much? €69,500 or just 54,700 BRITISH POUND NOTES! Brought to you once again by your buddies from Inmobiliarias EUROHORIZON Published 30th March 2016

Obtaining a NIE in the UK

This year several of our clients have obtained their NIE numbers in the UK. Here is an extract from an email received from one such client explaining the process and their trip to London:

 "We went to the Spanish Consulate in London today. It all went smoothly and the staff were very helpful. In the end all we needed was our passport and to complete a couple of forms. It was really busy and were all packed in a small waiting room.

We were there about an hour and a half and were told we will receive the NIE via email in about 2 weeks. It cost just £6.90 each." 

Spanish banks they are a lending… Over the last two weeks we have been approached by several of the largest Spanish banks who are desperate to lend money to credible individuals. These offers combined with rock bottom property prices make buying in Spain a good financial investment decision. Exciting times are ahead - we are here to help and guide you. Please contact us to discuss the merits of owning a Spanish home... Published 1st March 2016 by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When do you transfer money over to purchase your Spanish home?

Barclays argue the markets’ focus on EURGBP in the Brexit debate is misplaced and the pair risks a downside correction.

Pound sterlin and the euro

The UK’s referendum on continued membership of the European Union presents enough uncertainty to justify a sharply lower British pound.

Goldman Sachs have suggested sterling could fall 20% should the UK vote to leave the European Union while ABN Amro, for example, are warning on the GBP/USD exchange rate falling to 1.25 in 2016 due to Brexit risks.

As always with such unprecedented events, the expected impact on the currency market is an evolving one and up for debate.

And the debate is certainly picking up.

For instance ING argue that markets are overly pessimistic on sterling at this point in time and there is therefore the prospect of a short-term recovery in February.

Barclays have also suggested markets are wrong on their approach to Brexit. In a note to clients, entitled ‘EU Referendum: The Clue is in the Name’ analysts at the British bank say they believe markets may misjudge the UK’s referendum on EU membership in three dimensions:

1) the breadth of its potential impact as a broader European or global risk; 
2) the likelihood of a ‘Leave’ vote, particularly the later the date of the referendum; and 
3) the likely timing of the referendum and the importance of risk events that will precede it.

Latest Pound/Euro Exchange Rates

United-Kingdom European-sUnion Live:

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12 Month Best:



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