After you have settled into your new home and decide you need an Internet connection you need to select the correct service provider for your requirements. If you have moved to Spain on a permanent basis then you could consider the National provider Telefónica who provide normal land lines, mobile phone connections and ADSL Internet services. If you have purchased a holiday home then there are two options worth considering both available from

Long term connection: If you are going to be living here for most of the year then this service is for you and works out cheaper than the pay-as-you-go service.

Pay-as-you-go: This service is ideal for both rental properties and for clients who will only come over for a few holidays a year. You can either pay by credit card or buy a voucher from one of the approved local supermarkets. Vouchers can be bought for a few days or up to one month and they can be purchased up to a year in advance or if you rent the property you can send your clients to a local shop to buy the vouchers when they arrive.

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